Kai-Chieh Huang

Guitarist | Software Developer | Engineer
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Kai-Chieh (Jay) Huang is a guitarist and engineer who is enthusiastic about bringing the mixture of music, DSP and computing into real life applications to improve the way people engage in music and sound. Orininally from Taiwan, he attended National Tsing Hua University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, focusing on signal processing track, with a minor in Quantitative Finance. He is currently a master student at Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University.

In the persuit of combining music and engineering in an interesting way, Kai-Chieh has immersed himself in several music technology experiences. In the past, Kai-Chieh has helped develop two guitar effects in the guitar-bass multi-FX App -JamUp- on iOS platform as an intern at PositiveGrid. He also did a guitar sound synthesis project with Prof. Yi-Wen Liu while at National Tsing Hua University to improve the sound quality of low quality quitar recordings. Through the exposure of inventive nature at Stanford, he extended his passion in Engineering into software design and created a real-time music interactive game "NoteBomber" in the course Music, Computing, and Design by Prof. Ge Wang. His current research interests include Music software Design, Digital Audio Effects, and Adaptive Signal Processing.

In his free time, Kai-Chieh likes to play guitar, especially jamming blues, covering rock songs from Guns' n Roses and AC/DC, and record short music pieces. Aside from his love in music and technology, he also likes to play basketball and researching potential investments.




NoteBomber is a fun Music Game designed to help users learn the music theory of note combination in chords in an easy and fun way! The characters in the game will release notebombs to generate sound waves to attack each other. While the notes combination placed on the play field forms a chord, it will make different special bombing effects.

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Pitch Shifter

The pitch shifter project is a real-time pitch shifter that models the DigiTech Whammy pedal with 2 modes: the whammy mode that enables users to scale the pitch of the input signal continuously up and down by using pedal to control and create a whammy effect, and the harmony bend mode which blends a selected scale of harmony to the input signal.

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Synth Wah

The synth wah project is a digital wah effect that models the DigiTech Synth Wah pedal with 7 modes: two classic envelope filter wah effects, two monophonic synth tone effects, two synth talk effects, and an auto wah. These 7 modes are mainly different from the filter type they used, the way they sweep the cut-off frequency and the synth effect used.

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Back In Black

This is a performance where I covered the song Back In Black by AC/DC with my band GC/RC in college. We were a band covering songs from Guns'n Roses and AC/DC so we decided to call ourselves GC/RC. I am the guitarist standing on the left hand side using an Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop model. I hope you enjoy our performance!


This is a New Year's Eve performance at my college where I accompanied a girl singer on guitar. This song is called Mai-Ni in Mandarin. The lyrics are basically about a girl expressing her feeling about a boy and she wishes she could buy all his unhapiness so the boy she loves can be happy again. I am the guitarist standing on the right hand side.