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Wiring and Arduino

Wiring and Arduino , share similar design and specification since the use ATMega line components. In general besides having different micro controllers, procedures for programming are almost the same. Wiring flash memory is a bit more than Arduino meaning that programs can be longer in Wiring . There are more inputs and outputs on Wiring boards but by the same token several Arduino boards can be chained to accomplish similar tasks. Therefore it can be said that choosing one or the other is just a matter of choice, taste, need or availability. While Wiring is a fully assembled board, in Arduino you have your choice of either as a do-it-yourself kit or as an assembled board.

You can browse more hardware specification and features at Arduino Diecimila Overview or at Wiring Hardware Overview.

Feature Wiring Arduino
Processor ATMega128 ATMega168
Clock Speed 16 MHz 16 MHz
Flash Memory 128 K Bytes 16K Bytes
Digital I/O Pins 48(8 PWM Output) 14 (6 PWM Output)
Analog Pins 8 6
SRAM 4 K bytes 1K byte
EEPROM 4 K bytes 512 bytes
Input Voltage 7-13 Volts 7-12 Volts
Built-IN LED Pin 48 Pin 13
Reset Button Built in Built in
ICSP Yes Yes
PC Board Fully Assembled Optional (KIT w/parts)
Software Wiring IDE Arduino IDE


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