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Miscellaneous Settings

I set the $PAPERSIZE variable to b0 because that is the largest setting. HTML does not care how large the page is, and I actually had a ``clipping'' problem in the past with some large pages, until I hit upon this solution. This problem may be gone now, (if it was an early latex2html bug), but I don't see how the setting can hurt anything.

The $ICONSERVER variable is to a local directory containing a small collection of my own icons (names having the form a_*.gif) along with all the icons that came with latex2html, version 99.2-beta6. If you encounter missing icons using a future release of latex2html, you should be able to comment-out the setting of $ICONSERVER and copy the local icons into the icons subdirectory of your latex2html installation, $LATEX2HTMLDIR/icons/.

To take out my icon overrides, delete the $ICONSERVER line and also delete the six lines beginning with $icons and $iconsizes.

Similarly, deleting the subroutine common_navigation_panel (which overrides the way navigation panels are laid out) will restore the default latex2html version of this function. However, doing this will remove the top-level ``up'' link in each document which takes the user to your master home page.

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