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Installing .latex2html-init

If you don't already have a .latex2html-init file, simply type

        cd webpubdemo
        cp dot-latex2html-init ~/.latex2html-init
If you do have a .latex2html-init file, you can probably just append the new one to your existing one. (Insert it just before the last line if it is simply ``1;''. Such a line provides a ``true'' return value for Perl.)

Since latex2html init files are executed as Perl scripts, appending the new one may override some preferences you had set. However, you should be able to try out the new preferences and then delete the new lines you don't want.

No changes to dot-latex2html-init are required for simply trying out a build of the webpubdemo examples. However, for future use, the following edits are desirable:

  1. edit the $MYNAMEHOME variable to point to your Web home page,
  2. edit $MYNAMEEMAIL to contain your email address,
  3. change ``My Full Name'' to your full name, and
  4. optionally change all occurrences of ``MYNAME'' to your initials, or whatever. This is just a variable-name prefix to avoid collisions with latex2html symbols. If you make this change, you need to make it also in the .l2h file in each of the three example subdirectories if you want them to still compile properly.

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