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Commonly Used Make Targets

Other make targets I regularly use include

        make dvio       ;; make and view (`open') LaTeX's output DVI file
        make html       ;; make HTML version
        make htmlo      ;; open the HTML version in a Web browser
        make thtml      ;; ``touch'' and remake the HTML version
        make hclean     ;; delete the HTML version completely
        make tclean     ;; ``totally clean'' deletes all generated files
Note that make html will reuse figures from a previous make, if they exist. This is usually a good thing, but if they seem to be out of synch in some way, try ``make hclean html'' to regenerate them from scratch. I use make thtml when I've changed something outside of the make dependencies, such as .latex2html-init, and I want to force a remake of the HTML version while reusing figures for speed.

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