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Installing and Testing the STK

As of this writing (April 14, 2017), the preferred way to obtain the STK software is by cloning the GitHub project:

git clone git://
Doing it this way gets around a ``broken pipe'' problem in one of the percussion demos. It also gives you the latest and greatest at all times, including any new bugs introduced by the developers. Any bugs encountered should be reported on Piazza, and if appropriate we file a bug report on the ``Issues'' page at the STK GitHub site. (Feel free to do this yourself if you are an experienced software developer.)

Alternatively, the STK software distribution may be obtained by going to the STK home page, navigating to the download page, and downloading the latest ``source distribution'' (stk-4.5.1.tar.gz as of 4/15/2017).

See the file for instructions on installing it. The basic drill for users (see below for developers) is to cd to the top-level stk directory in a shell (such as an Emacs shell, or on the Mac) and type

where the autoconf utility is part of the GNU Autotools (already installed at CCRMA). On a Mac, you can use either MacPorts or Homebrew to install autoconf, e.g.,
> sudo port install autoconf
where the port command is installed when MacPorts is installed.

Note: As of this writing (April 15, 2017), on the Mac, there is a missing configure dependency for the Jackmp framework, so that the play command fails at run-time. This does not happen on the CCRMA Linux systems.

It is recommended anyway to use the play command installed by the sox distribution:
port install sox
where the port command is installed by MacPorts.

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