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F16: Further Installs

;; FAIL (at first) to install LinuxSampler (first thing should work now):
;; === Not useful: sfz support not included so salamander drum kit fails:
;; yum install qsampler ;; checking out linuxsampler
;; yum install linuxsampler-dssi ;; to try it out in Rosegarden
;; yum install lv2-linuxsampler-plugins ;; to try it out in Ardour
;; yum install gigedit ;; linuxsampler prefers .gig format
;; yum remove libgig ;; removes all of the above
;; === Not compilable: All are missing install-sh, config.sub, 
;;     config.guess,, etc.:
;; svn co libgig
;; svn co liblscp
;; svn co linuxsampler
;; svn co qsampler
;; svn co jlscp
;; svn co jsampler
;; svn co gigedit
;; === Must use svn for .sfz === Download latest tarballs:
;; firefox
cd libgig-3.3.0; configure && make && make install
cd linuxsampler-1.0.0; configure && make && make install
/sbin/ldconfig ;; argh
cd liblscp-0.5.6; configure && make && make install
cd qsampler-0.2.2; configure && make && make install
;; === qsampler compile failed: 
;; /usr/bin/ld: .obj/main.o: undefined reference to symbol 'XDeleteProperty'
;; /usr/bin/ld: note: 'XDeleteProperty' is defined in DSO 
;;    /usr/lib64/ so try adding it to the linker command line
;; LinuxSampler experiments suspended until the PlanetCCRMA version 
;; supports .sfz format - WHICH HAPPENED THE VERY NEXT DAY (see below)
;; Not yet tried: cd gigedit-0.2.0; configure && make && make install
;; == The following looked interesting:
;; firefox
cd linuxsampler-1.0.0; make uninstall
cd libgig-3.3.0; make uninstall
cd liblscp-0.5.6; make uninstall
;; Fernando comes to the rescue by making a fresh Planet CCRMA package from
;; the latest svn of libgig and linuxsampler, so we're back:
yum install qsampler ;; pulls in libgig and linuxsampler as dependencies
yum install gigedit  ;; might try it out
yum install linuxsampler-dssi ;; to try it out in Rosegarden
yum install projectM-jack ;; visualization app w plugins
yum install projectM-pulseaudio ;; for non-JACK sound visualization
yum install yumex ;; GUI front end for yum
yum install lv2-ui-devel ;; for faust-lv2 to build
yum install fedora-release-rawhide ;; for the following:
yum update --enablerepo=rawhide mesa-* cogl gnome-session ;; fix gnome 3
;; DID NOT COMPLETE (too many fc17 dependencies for my comfort) - ABORTED
;; My problem is that GNOME 3 is starting in "fall-back" mode again.
;; NEXT: Removed 'radeon.modeset=1' from /etc/default/grub
;;  => NO CHANGE; put it back;
;; NEXT: 
yum update --enablerepo=rpmfusion-nonfree-updates-testing xorg-x11-drv-catalyst
rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest ;; no output
yum install kmod-catalyst ;; watches for latest version - DEPENDENCIES FAILED
yum install pinot ;; desktop search - beagle seems to have died on Fedora
                  ;; pulled in antiword, catdoc, unrtf, xapian-core-libs
yum install tracker ;; desktop search used by XFCE, for example
                  ;; There is no "tracker" program, but type tracker<tab> in a shell
                  ;; There is also no man page, etc.  You need tracker to find itself!
yum install strigi ;; desktop search - tracker can only index / (!?!)
                   ;; again say "rehash; strigi<tab>" - what is the world coming to?
                   ;; strigiclient looks promising, but it has GUI problems (can't display directories)
yum install codeblocks ;; for openframeworks
[install openframeworks, fedora case, only]
./ ;; (trouble)
yum install openal-soft-devel.x86_64
# That seemed to do it for building the library - then for the examples:
yum install glew-devel
yum install freeimage-devel
# Then add '-lz' to Projects / <app> / build config / config.make / USER_LIBS
# in codeblocks. Several examples won't build until you do this.
yum install compiz-fusion-extras
yum install compiz-manager
;; having fun trying out tiling window managers:
yum install x-tile ;; simple and effective (no special session required)
yum install dwm ;; does not seem to work on Fedora 16 - or I could not guess the Mod4 key
yum install xmonad-gnome ;; great, but left-right-flip required a learning curve
   ;; Advanced Settings now under Accessories while Settings under System Tools
   ;; GNOME 3 shell extensions do not seem to work (can't even configure them)
   ;;  Presumably xmonad-gnome replaces the GNOME shell
yum install bluetile ;; simplified xmonad with more compatible defaults
;; So far I like bluetile best = xmonad blended with gnome
;; xmonad would be great to know well (and such hacks can be added to bt)
gnome-session-properties ;; Options / Automatically restore session
yum install gnome-shell-extension* ;; wish I had found this earlier
yum install gnome-shell-theme*
yum install ffmpeg2theora ;; convert many video formats to theora format
yum install kdiff3 ;; experimenting with git mergetool alternatives
yum install meld ;; Nice! Works a lot like opendiff on the Mac
;; Work around a bug in the Faust distribution (10/5/12):
cd /usr/local/include/faust/gui/
sudo ln ../audio/meta.h .

;; ...

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