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FC5: Things to Do after Installing Red Hat Fedora Core 5 (FC5)

For FC5, I installed a lot of extras from the installation-DVD, so much of the work in customizing FC4 (described in §6.10 below) was not needed after the install. However, below are the things I did need to install afterwards.

The most annoying glitch in my FC5 installation was that I could not figure out how to mount my old FC4 system disk, because it was in ``LVM'' format and not already known to the FC5 system. I later learned that I should have ``exported'' it so it then could be ``imported'' on the new system. However, since I wanted to be able to boot my old FC4 system in the event something was amiss in FC5, I would not have wanted to try exporting the main FC4 system disk anyway. I ended up copying in my personal data from another (older) backup disk. Since I'm not using RAID, I plan to use ext3 file systems for future Fedora systems.8

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