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FC6: Things to Do after an FC6 Upgrade from FC5

On June 16, 2007, I upgraded my FC5 desktop system (described in §15.9 below) to FC6. This was my first Fedora upgrade (preferring normally to do fresh installations). The upgrade went fine, but the subsequent update had a few glitches:

In retrospect, I wish I had burned a new FC6 DVD instead of using the old one I already had lying around (which I had used for upgrading my HP laptop). The upgrade from DVD took less time than the ``media check'' step, but the subsequent update took three attempts comprising many hours spread out over two days. Of course, actual interaction time was negligible, since all glitches had immediate solutions.

I also wish I had turned off my nightly mirroring of /etc and /usr/local for a few days so I could refer back to the FC5 version if need be. So far I haven't needed to do this, and I hope the .rpmnew versions of updated system configuration files will be sufficient.

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