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Time Plots: myplot.m

Figure J.1: Compatibility matlab function for plotting a real-valued function--Matlab or Octave version.

function myplot(xdata, ydata, sym, ttl, xlab, ylab, grd, ...
                 lgnd, linewidth, fontsize)
% MYPLOT - Generic plot - compatibility wrapper for plot()

  if nargin<10, fontsize=12; end
  if nargin<9, linewidth=1; end
  if nargin<8, lgnd=''; end
  if nargin<7, grd=1; end
  if nargin<6, ylab=''; end
  if nargin<5, xlab=''; end
  if nargin<4, ttl=''; end
  if nargin<3, sym=''; end
  if nargin<2, ydata=xdata; xdata=0:length(ydata)-1; end

  if length(ttl)>0, title(ttl,'fontsize',fontsize,...
  if length(ylab)>0, ylabel(ylab,'fontsize',fontsize,...
  if length(xlab)>0, xlabel(xlab,'fontsize',fontsize,...
  if grd, grid('on'); else grid('off'); end
  if length(lgnd)>0, legend(lgnd); end

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