Selected Early Works




Selected Works
(CCRMA Period)

Janet Dunbar, Composer

Selected Early Works and Performances

Lady of Sumeria for soprano and piano (1999)

The next five works are recorded on the compact audio disk, Spirit Journey:

Song of the Sea, I-X for soprano, performance poet, and CD (1997-1998), DMA final project (approximate duration 28 minutes). Performed at the International New Music Festival in San Diego, April 10, 1999, with the composer as soprano and Richard Holmes as performance poet.

The Radiance of Her Light, I-III for soprano, performance poet, and two percussionists, (1996-1997) Performed at the Alea II concert, May 9, 1997 at Campbell Recital Hall by Mary Linduska, soprano, Jacqueline Thurston, performance poet, Susan Jette and Luanne Warner, percussionists.

Song of the Bear, I-II for soprano, performance poet, and CD (1996)

Nine Prayers, I-III for soprano, performance poet and CD (1996)

Inanna and the Divine Essences for soprano, violin and cello (1995)

Song of the Shaman, I-IV for soprano, performance poet, percussionist and CD (1995). Performed by Mary Linduska, soprano, Jacqueline Thurston, performance poet, and Jim Lemmons, percussionist, at Jacqueline Thurston's solo photography show opening, Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, CA, January, 1999. Also performed at the CCRMA concert at Campbell Recital Hall, November, 1997 by the same personnel except for Richard Holmes, percussionist.

Life on Earth, I-III for performance poet and tape (1994). Performed by April Eiler at the CCRMA concert, Campbell Recital Hall, November, 1994.

South Fork of a Daystream for violin and guitar (1993) to be performed and recorded by Duo 46 on their next CD.

A Light Left On for soprano and piano (1993)
- Performed at SJSU , August, 1993 by Susan Davis Holmes, soprano and Kerry Renshaw, piano.

Mutated Permutations for solo flute (1992)

Glory to God in the Highest for SAT/B (1992)

Variations after Bartok for piano (1992)

Crystal Mines for piano (1992)

Dances for piano (1992)

Theme and Variations for piano (1992)

Guitar Quartet (1992)

String Quintet (1991) for string quartet and guitar

Two Part Invention for piano (1991)

Fugue for piano (1991)

Agnus Dei for SAT (1990)

Charles Ives Visits the Red River Valley for piano (1990)

Twelve Tones Stand Alone for guitar (1990)

Antonym for piano (1990)

Subject and Reflection for piano (1990)

Jailbreak on tape (1990) Performed at the Electroacoustic Music Studio, SJSU, May, 1990.