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GUI Controls


The GUI for the sinkapater consists of columns, each represents a channel. Within the channel are the drops which can be enabled or disabled.

figure 1 – Initial Edit Window

- To enable a beat, click on it (the loop starts at the bottom).

- To change the loop rate click on the top of the channel and drag it up or down. This will change the height of the box.

- To change the number of beats click on the bottom of the box and drag up or down.

- To mute a channel click on the left edge of the box (it should turn red).

Master Channel

The far left channel on the initial screen is the master channel. All other channels are slave to this one. You'll notice when a slave channel height is changed it is quantized to one of the master beats. On the other hand when the master channel height or number of beats is changed, all the slave channels will adjust their height. Tick marks indicate where the master beat falls for each slave channel.

fig. 2 shown with muted track

Parameter feedback

As changes are made the text gives feedback. For the master channel: how many beats in a loop, the loop rate and beats per minute

Slave channels: how many beats in a loop, how many beats occur per master beat, the loop length in master beats and the loop length in seconds

Keyboard Controls





1, 2, 3

select current rank for editing


toggle between edit and animate mode

left and right arrow keys

Toggle view angle in visualization mode

Esc, q


Visualization mode: