About Me

I like music. I like playing the piano and connecting with myself and with a composer who lived a hundred years ago, and with everyone else listening in on that experience. I like improvising and seeing where the notes will take me, sometimes fumbling my way through strange terrains and composing something along the way. I love exploring new and weird ways to make music, or "music," and watching that boundary dissolve.

I started off with classical piano when I was little. I picked up the violin and some singing along the way, and stumbled upon jazz in high school, where I discovered the joy of improvising. These experiences led me to start composing in college, and they remain important influences on my style. In college I also found the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk), where I was introduced to the wild new world of experimental computer music. For some reason I decided to pursue this field further in grad school through Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University, where I had a wonderful time exploring technology and music-making (check out the Sounds & words and Intermedia pages for PLOrk and CCRMA projects).

And so here I am. My most recent musical adventure took me to film scoring for the first time, for the short cartoon series, Marshmallow Stew. On the performance front, I had a wonderful concert with the South Bay Philharmonic, where I played Rhapsody In Blue. I've also been working on some crazy MIDI Art as well as polishing a few improv-based pieces and covers. I also always have a bunch of other ideas, and who knows where they will take me.