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  1. +Master of Arts in Music Science and Technology at Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics CCRMA (2007-2008)

  2. +Composing, coding, and performance for the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk)

  3. +Actively engaged in the composition of contemporary electronic music as well as exploring the use of traditional instruments both in performing with computers and as objects of synthesis.Project including computer-generated sound research seminar, soundwire, multi-channel surrounding sound design,etc.

  1. +Work freelance in sound design, music scoring for films and television. Arranged and synthesized/programmed music for a TV series pilot to be shown in Finland (2008)

  1. +Music Intern at Sony Computer Entertainment American (SCEA), music editing, composition, style guide, database management.

  2. +Sound Designer at KONAMI Software Shanghai, Inc. in video game projects like Silent Hills, Dance Dance Revolution, Castlevania, BeatMania, etc. (2004-2007)

  1. +Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design at Shanghai Jiao Tong  University School of Media & Design (one of the top universities in China,2000-2004)

  2. + Various Concerts with Shanghai Jiao Tong University Symphonic Brass Orchestra in Shanghai Grand Theatre, Swiss, Netherlands and Germany (2001-2004)

  1. +Professional flute and piano player and also skilled in various Chinese traditional instruments.

  2. +Proficient with Calligraphy, Seal Cutting and Gong-bi, a traditional technique in Chinese painting.

  3. +Fluent in English, Chinese & Japanese

  1. 1. Gina Music Hook-up/3.24.2009

  2. 2. Grave of Swords

  3. 3. Swords Duel

  4. 4. Suspension in the Front

  5. 5. X Mission

  6. 6. The Grand Palace Of Great Hero

  7. 7. Mice Halloween

  8. 8. Glass Bottles

  9. 9. Little Africa

  10. 10. Windy Hill

  11. 11. Tribute to Basilisk

  12. 12. Train Reach

  13. 13. MIDI Animation Tetris


Logic Studio

Cubase, Sonar,Reason, etc.

Sound Forge

Bias Peak Pro


Fmod,SeEdit, Scream, etc.

Final Cut Pro


After Effects



Corel Draw

Vienna Symphonic Library series

Sonic Implants String

Project Sam Brass & Percussion

Various samples & synthesis such as Miroslav, East West,Big Fish, Spectrasonics, etc.

Genelec 1030A

M-Audio BX8A Deluxe

MOTU 828 mkII

Digi MBox 2

Digi002 Rack

M-audio Axiom 25

M-audio KeyStation 88

Rode NT1A

AKG C535



  1. +Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics CCRMA

  2. +Chuck

  3. +Stanford Laptop Orchestra SLOrk

  4. +KONAMI Software

  5. +Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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