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Velokeys is a project to make a velocity-sensitive qwerty keyboard.


Similar work

Minimum viable product

Requirements for MVP

  1. Velocity sensitive keys on at least whole alphabet and # key's
  2. Working MIDI mapping driver (OR MIDI over USB from Arduino)


  • Custom enclosure
  • More expressivity controls
  • Lighting

Given unlimited time... (and therefore money)

  • Pressure sensitivity
  • Lighting on each key
  • NKRO (no keyboard ghosting, each key can be pressed individually)


The materials used can really vary based on the things I can get my hands on, but the two things that remain fairly constant are the switches used. I'm basing the velocity sensitivity off of this diagram from the isomorphic keyboard project listed above.

If I can find an adequate midi controller from a velocity-sensitive midi keyboard, I would love to use that for the "brains." Otherwise, I will need to use an Arduino with a couple multiplexers to open up enough inputs for all 41+ keys (with two switches per key). That will be pretty daunting.

If I can find an inexpensive mechanical keyboard, then I can save quite a bit of money on switches and an enclosure and all the other materials. I plan on heading to the electronics surplus store soon to try to dig up a keyboard or two.


  1. Gather materials
  2. Prototype with available materials
  3. Build CAD schematics
  4. Build structural components
  5. Solder electronics
  6. Write software driver
  7. Success