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Mv.gif Galaxian.gif Basic.png


  • The gameplay of both modern and older games have been either predefined (Legend of Zelda, Super Mario World) or shaped by the experience of playing with other players (WoW, SC2, Maple Story). I want to create a game where the AI / gameplay is affected primarily by music and to have the user's experience be primarily defined by the songs he/she listens to.

The Thing (What is it)

  • Voidstar is a software game utilizing OpenGL for graphics and RtAudio for audio integration. The player will be able to control a weaponized ship (a la Galaxian) and must shoot down enemies that spawn from the periphery of the screen. The rate at which the enemies spawn / speed of the enemies/ size of the enemies / etc. will all be determined by the spectral properties of the song as the song plays. Think of Voidstar as a Music Visualizer meets a Space Arcade Shooter.


  • The game will be presented in a full screen OpenGL window
  • The player can use the keyboard to control the movement of the Ship and the mouse to aim its weapons
  • Graphics will be coded using OpenGL
  • Networking is definitely doable (the amount of enemies Player 1 kills can affect how many enemies Player 2 must face and vice versa) but is not a primary goal


  • Initially, the prototypes will be tested by myself, but the testing can be opened up to anyone with a computer + song files during the later phases of my project.
  • The measure of goodness can be measured in two forms:
    • "Fun" factor - Do the players want to continue playing the game for more than 5 minutes? 30 minutes? 1 day? A week?
    • Music - Is the AI / gameplay will correlated to the spectral properties of the song?


  • Me, myself, and Isaac


  • 11/15/10: Finish implementing movement physics / interaction controls of Ship, create welcome screen.
  • xx11/17/10: Integrate audio into game (playback, audio affecting number of enemies, testing different spectral properties) and implement basic enemies
  • 11/29/10: (Prepare to) eat turkey, work on weapon system for ship (hit detection, graphics, etc.)
  • xx12/1/10: Design better graphics, harder enemies, different weapons?
  • 12:15 - 12/8/10: Fine tuning of the game, difficulty, playing playlists, any smaller extensions / fixes