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Week One

I decide to work with professor Chris for several concert and at the same time make my own piece which will combine computer generated music and all kinds of genre. In one word, something interesting,

Week Two

I built several filters for Chris and studied the scores for the celleto concert which will be held in May.

I received an invitation from a Chinese Poet to create a new piece of spiritual music. The poet is famous in China because one of her poem (named: 《 见与不见》) is really popular and loved by the people in China. The new piece will be selected in her new book which will be published in this summer. She wrote the lyrics part which is obviously a poem. I'm working on the composition this week.

Week Three

Currently, I an working with Professor Chris and learning about remote(long distance) live concert configuration technology. I also tried to get deeper in filters and sound design.

At the same time, I've got a lot of inspiration from the musicians that I am working with in these concerts. These inspiration drive me working on the new piece which combines electronic music, computer generated music with vocal, traditional instruments and studio engineering.

Week Four

I had several concert and rehearsal with professor Chris and I'm very happy to be involved in a Symphony. I'm working on the electronic part of the Symphony. I finished the composition of my piece and make a rough demo for the musician's reference. I plan to record all of the instruments in next two week.

Week Five We have another rehearsal for the finale piece. I recorded hunter's violin, Laura's bass, Sarah's Cello and professor Chris' celletto and duroba. I made a rough mix and will work on it more.

Week Six

One version of my piece is almost done. Another 2 rehearsal with Chris. The celleto concert is successfully done.

Week Seven

One version is done.

Week Eight

Two of the version are done. One of them is for the live concert version. I invited out professor and classmates to play music with me for this piece. I built a chorus filter for my own voice and will also use the flange filter for Preofessor Chris' Celletto. I separate them into different channel therefore they should work at the same time with my laptop. I need a music interface for the concert to process my voice and the celletto at the same time. I would like to develop another version if time is enough. This will be a more experimental version. I will take advantages of all the crazy elements that I've recorded and create something interesting. I plan to present this version at the end of the quarter in the final presentation class.

Week Nine

The piece was performed by Cecilia Wu, Chris, Hunter, Lexie and Jiffer at the CCRMA spring concert. Click the following link to watch the live performance.

Week Ten

I made some new audio processing in the latest version. I tried very hard to keep the very many tracks as clean and organized as possible and I tried very hard to keep them distinguished from the whole as well as mixed well with the others. Click the following link to listen to the piece.

Thanks to Chris, Jay and Jonathan Berger for the professional guidance and technical support.

Thanks to Hunter, Jiffer, Sarah, Laura, Vikas and Lexie for the live performance and also for the instrument recording.