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  • hi
  • download MOTU driver here: here

To Dos...


Step Zero

System Preferences

  • Desktop & Screen Saver: change to 30 minutes, CHECK: Show with clock [see screenshot, Picture 1]

  • Dock: CHECK: automatically hide and show the dock [see screenshot, Picture 2]

  • Expose + Spaces
    • Expose: good as is. refer to Picture 3

    • Spaces: good as is. refer to Picture 4

  • Spotlight: UNCHECK both boxes in the bottom, refer to Picture 5

Energy Saver

  • Settings for: Power Adapters
  • Optimization: Better Performance (should automatically change to "Custom" after everything)
  • sleep: Never
  • displays to sleep: 45 min
  • refer to PIcture 6

  • Settings for: Battery
  • Optimization: Better Performance(should automatically change to "Custom" after everything)
  • sleep: 1 hr
  • display: 15min
  • refer to Picture 7

  • CLICK THE LOCK to prevent further changes!!!


  • UNCHECK the middle three feedback stuff
  • leave it CHECKed: show volume in menu bar
  • refer to Picture 8


  • UNLOCK THE LOCK to make changes
  • Computer Name: [name the machine]
  • CHECK: Remote Login
  • LOCK to prevent further changes


  • UNLOCK to make changes
  • Under "Login Options" (to the left panel), Automatic login as "The SLOrk"
  • CHECK "Enable fast user switching" (OK on the warning)
  • View as: "Short name" (refer to Picture 9)

  • LOCK to prevent further changes

Software Update

  • (first, connect to safari to connect to CCRMA)
  • Check now for new software: DO IT AT THE END...... BECAUSE IT TAKES A LONG TIME.
  • Install everything we need to
  • UNCHECK: Check for updates
  • refer to Picture 10

Time Machine

  • OFF
  • UNCHECK: Show Time Machine status in the menu bar
  • refer to Picture 11


  • chose "column view" at the top
  • REMOVE "Send Registration" from the HOME folder
  • GET RID OF "Documents" from the left column


  • Preferences: change home page to http;//
  • View --> Show Status Bar
  • refer to Picture 13

Download the Mini Audicle


  • Insert Disc 2
  • Xcode Tools
  • XcodeTools.mpkg

Download motu drivers

  • Click Install
  • MOTU Audio Setup.. drag to dock?
  • refer to picture 15: CHECK "Launch MOTU..."

  • plug in MOTU, turn on. check settings under MOTU Audio Setup, under UltraLite:
    • 44100
    • Internal
    • Analog 1-2
    • Analog 1-2
    • Analog 1-2
    • 5.1 (Analog 1-6)
    • refer to Picture 14


  • Preferences-> Settings -> Settings
    • Select Pro (left column)
      • Text: see picture (16)

      • Window (17)

      • Advanced: UNCHECK Bell -> Audible Bell (18)

    • 90% transparency?


for checking out SLOrk content from the repository: "trunk" (

1. for checking out SLOrk content from the repository: "trunk" svn co svn+ssh:// 2. rename trunk to slork: mv trunk slork 3. cp slork/scripts/shell/bash_profile .bash_profile 4. Test it: chuck --> you should get "[chuck]: no input files... (try --help)"


remove and add stuff to the dock to make it look like PIcture 19

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