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LexiBot Stuff

Blair and Ge


Modules (Editable or Selectable Features)


  • Program chooses everything to do with lyrics (do nothing)
  • Subject area by keyword
    • Keyword entry
      • Use something like WordNet to determine associated words
    • Keyword selection (from available keyword areas)
    • General theme selection
  • Sentence/String structure
    • Input a sentence given the vocabulary, which will then be mimicked
    • Choose a sentence type
  • Overall narrative structure
    • Telling a story
    • Verse/chorus structure
    • Other types of lyrics (repetitive, nonsensical)
  • Write own set of grammar rules with new vocabulary


  • Generating syllable recordings for new words
  • Ensuring that program's word-selection criteria match those intended by user

Music (Genre and Instrumentation)

  • Program chooses all music
  • Choose music genre and instrumentation
    • Choose genre (ex. techno)
    • Choose band (profile) whose style you'd like to emulate (ex. Daft Punk, Elliott Smith)
  • Choose instrumentation, determine own harmonies/accompinament
    • Preset harmonic progression
    • Play accompinament on ascii keyboard, deciding chord progression as you go
  • Create own instrumentations using ChucK, do own keyboard mappings

Music (Melody)

  • Program chooses melody
  • Preset melodic types (dependent on harmonies?)
  • Creating one's own melodies
    • Preset the melody
    • Play the melody on the ascii keyboard


  • Matching a played melody to the number of (randomly generated) syllables
  • Matching a generated melody to syllable count
  • Matching the melody to the harmonic structure

The Synthesized Voice

Pitch Shifting

  • Currently changing pitch by changing sample rate by ratio of desired pitch/given pitch
    • Only works within small range