Gloves of Shaolin

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Project Summary

 written by Jason Sadural (
 comments and suggestions always welcomed

Shaolin martial arts can be traced fourteen hundred years ago to the Shaolin Temple in the Hunan Province of China. Their monks taught Shaolin kung fu to many students who then traveled to other countries spreading this fighting system. Shaolin kung fu was based on the movements of five animals; dragon, tiger, snake, leopard, and the crane. The Gloves of Shaolin is an interactive instrument that communicates through OSC with PD. The purpose of the gloves is to be able to trigger different animal styles(modes) the user is imitating and be able to sonify Shaolin Katas. One application is inteded for astro-sonification in which style will be able to throw virtual projectiles that will move audially in space with physical properties such as inertia and resistence with a homogeneous or in homogeneous ether.

Pics and Specs coming soon...