Fun with Wiimotes

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Nice little piece from on Making Music with Nintendo's Wiimote: [link]

Software Downloads

[aka.wiimote] provides a Max patch for Macs

[Darwiin Remote] provides a Mac interface that sends received packets out via OSC

[WiinRemote] is for Windows (haven't tried it)

[Wiinstrument] apparently for Windows XP or Vista, Mac OS X, Linux (haven't tried it)

Example using Darwiin Remote

(flow diagram here)

Data from the Wiimote is broadcast using [Bluetooth].

On our computer, we use a program that receives the Bluetooth packets and interprets them. In this example, we are using Darwiin Remote.

[Darwiin Remote OSC] broadcasts the data it receives using [OpenSoundControl] (OSC) message over [UDP]. By default it broadcasts on localhost ( on port 5600; these settings can be changed in Preferences.

In Max, we can receive the UDP/OSC messages, and route them to unpack the data. (You'll need to [download] the OpenSoundControl and OSC-route objects from CNMAT to make this work). The sample patch for this is [here].