Evolving live performance setup

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Evolving Live Performance Setup


1. Develop and expand my hybrid instrument for live performance.

2. Create small, portable, and minimal electronic/hybrid instruments.

Week 0

A. Introductions

B. Planning

Week 1

A. Creating a timeline

B. Setting goals and deadlines

C. Gathering sound

D. Researching and brainstorming

Week 2

A. Started building Atari Punk Console (synth)

B. Came up with new material to add to existing instrument

C. Revised audio processing session

Week 3

A. Atari Synth is built and functioning

B. New parts for the instrument has been ordered

Week 4

A. Started rehearsing with the setup.

B. Stripped down some aspects of the setup: Removed the teensy and a few contact mics that were on the body and weren't effective

C. Replaced some of the contact mic on different parts of the instruments

Week 5

A. Found a box for the Atari

B. Figured out the issues I had with mapping the three different MIDI controllers in my DAW without overlapping them.

C. Samples and processed instrument sounds

D. Created a rough draft composition for my performance

Week 6

A. Dirk and I rehearsed and improvised together

B. Modified my instrument further so that it is more accessible to perform with while creating a wider range of dynamics

C. Rehearsed the composed piece and created different iterations of it

Week 7

A. Made the Atari box trough soldering the plexiglas box (after breaking three different ones).

B. Rehearsed my solo instrument; I now have a 7 minute piece which is mainly a structured improvisation

C. Made backup piezo mics and other parts incase they break during traveling

D. Updated my sound pallet for performing with Dirk for the final concert

Week 8

A. More rehearsals and recording with Dirk and individually

Week 9

A. Sound check and rehearsals

B. I abandoned my hybrid frame drum instrument and my Atari synth box fully