CCRMA Autumn Concert 2010 Musicircus

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This page contains internal information on the organization and logistics of the CCRMA Fall Concert 2010 - Cagean Musicircus.

Below is the distribution of pieces throughout the Knoll.

Foyer (entrance)

pulb by Dohi Moon and Bjoern Erlach

Sound installation using the old piano frame. Dohi and Bjoern will move it in for the concert and out the next day.


  • 2 small condenser mics (from Chris' office?)
  • 1 omni mic to capture sound from the room

Listening Room

Tape pieces running continuously in a loop from a single Ardour session.

fractale by Visda Goudarzi
Let It Ride by Michael Wilson
tape piece by Bruno Ruviaro (TBD)
Kitchen <-> Miniature(s) by Fernando Lopez-Lezcano


  • Set-up and test Ardour session with all pieces.
  • Borrow some SLOrk cushions for people to sit on.

Studio C

Match My Music! by Javier Sanchez Demo of iPad app


  • Studio C standard equipment


Musizieren im Fahrstuhl by Ed Berdahl


  • Material to darken the space, cover ceiling
  • Some small portable lighting


Two performance sets of about 30-45 minutes each, starting at 8pm.

Luke Dahl - 8:00pm
Locky Casey - 8:45pm

Times above are approximate. Performers coordinate transition between themselves.


  • mixer
  • two QSC speakers
  • subwoofer


Artikulator Jam by Mike Rotondo and Luke Iannini

  • Video projection
  • Classroom speakers

Seminar Room

Excursion into Mixed Reality by Hunter McCurry


  • Video camera
  • Seminar Room speakers
  • Seminar Room projector
  • Material to black out opaque glass door


MoPhO pre-concert (7pm)

Dinousaur Skin by Fernando Lopez-Lezcano


  • Nando sets up and rehearses in the morning (9am-2pm)
  • MoPhO sets up and rehearses in the afternoon (2-7pm)
  • Coordinate transition MoPhO -> Nando


Chris Carlson


  • Two QSC speakers
  • Mixer
  • Projector & screen

Miscellaneous "to-do's"

Each space should have some sort of small poster (print on nice color paper) visible by the audience, with info about the artists and the piece/installation/demo ("gallery-style"). Should we still print formal program notes? Perhaps just a simpler map of the building for people to carry while they are walking around.

- - -

Buy refreshments, set up table in the lounge(?)

Stage & Listening Room: "leave your drinks at the door" sign Listening room: record "piece announcements"

- - -

Buy material to black out elevator and seminar room (Ed & Hunter)

- - -

Yellow "caution" demarcation tape -- paths on the floor