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Final Project: A Social Musical Experience


  • cloud-mediated, social musical instrument / experience
  • must have a local (client-side) interactive component (audio + interaction mandatory, graphics optional)
  • primary interaction must be enhanced by the social component (e.g., location, compass, sharing of content, multiple participants, wide-area, collaboration, discovery, scale - zooming out, "micro- and macro-cosmic")


  • milestone 0 (Wednesday, 2/16, in class): 30-second seed concept
  • milestone 1 (Wednesday 2/23, in class): presenting the vision, design, and milestones (3-5 minutes) - presentation + feedback
  • milestone 2 (Monday 2/28, in class): closing the loop (client | application server | data) - demo + feedback
  • milestone 3 (Monday 3/7, in class): primary interaction / functionality done (minimal essential system) - demo + feedback
  • final presentation (Thursday, 3/17, noon, CCRMA Stage): presentation! open to public


  • have fun with it!!!
  • you are welcome to work together, but you must do/turn in your own work