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Final Project: Design Your Own Interactive Audiovisual Software Tool

"Design and prototype an interactive software tool, using ChuGL and integrating real-time audio, graphics, and interaction."

  • what must your final project have:
    • real-time audio/music, graphics, interaction
    • a software system
  • what can it be?
    • tool, toy, game, instrument, interactive essay
    • or some other, unclassifiable artifact
  • what it CANNOT be:
    • a sequencer (though it can contain a sequencer)
    • a playlist generator
    • a music recommendation system
  • do this in ChuGL

Milestone 1: Project Proposals

due: in class on Wednesday (11/15)

  • deliverables: three ideas, sketched out, ready to present
    • maximally different from each other
    • try to articulate as much specificity as possible!
    • ideas sketched out e.g., on paper
    • a short paragraph explaining each idea
  • upload your ideas / design sketches on your final project webpage.
  • be prepared to present succinctly in class.

Milestone #2: Core Mechanics

due: in class on Monday (11/27)

  • a working version of your core mechanics and experience
  • this should include basic elements of audio, graphics, interaction
  • as usual, a 1 minute video demo
  • update your webpage

Milestone #3: Minimal Essential System

due: in class on Monday (12/4)

  • the minimal essential system: an unpolished version of the essential experience; i.e., all core elements working and working together
  • as usual, a 1 minute video demo
  • update your webpage

Final Deliverables + Presentation

  • all materials (webpage, video, screenshots, descriptions, code): due on Canvas on Wednesday (12/13) 5pm
  • final presentations: Wednesday (12/13) starting at 7:00pm in the CCRMA Stage

More specifically, below are your expected deliverables:

1) a polished video demonstrating your final project. Footage of your project should be shown in fullscreen. Please take some time to craft a compelling video narrative that showcases your work.

HINT: for your final deliverable consider working backwards from your polished video demo, as a "vertical slice" of the whole system. In other words, don't worry about building out a fully featured system—nor is there likely time to do so; focus instead on designing a polished narrative of your system in action that is representative of the larger system and intended experience. For example, consider an musical/audiovisual narrative with beginning, middle, end (e.g., if you are building a music-making tool or toy), or a play-through of a mini-level (say, if you are building a game)—and prioritize only those features that contribute to this "vertical slice".

2) a polished project webpage, including a) one or more screenshot, b) the polished video demo, c) name and description of the project, d) how to run/use, and e) your project files (without intermediate files) and an executable (please specify which platform).

3) (in-class) a 3-6 minute final presentation that includes a) your polished video demo (or a live-demo, if you'd prefer) b) brief description of what it is and why you made this c) Q&A, as time allows. This portion will take place starting 7pm Wednesday (12/14) in the CCRMA Classroom.

Submit your final project webpage URL to Canvas. Please note that there is no late submission for this, as we will be evaluating your final project, presentation, video, and webpage content on the same day, and submitting your course grade soon thereafter.