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Homework #3.5: Polished Visualizer Product + Final Project Proposal

Due date:

  • part 1: 2013.11.5 11:59:59pm, Tuesday
  • part 2: 2013.11.6 in-class presentation, Wednesday

In this two-part mini-assignment, you are to polish your visualizer into a product, make a webpage for it, and put together a proposal/presentation for final project.

Specification (part 1 of 2): Visualizer as Product

  • polish your visualizer into a software product!
  • finalize a name for it (e.g., probably should not be "VisualSine" or "fft" or "boiler")
  • make things smoother, more pot smokin;
  • add any addition features
  • make a webpage on CCRMA server, to include screenshots, description, usage info, and a download link (use sndpeek's page as reference)
  • submit website link to imdone256 /at/ gmail.com

Specification (part 2 of 2): Project Proposal

  • put together a proposal for your final project
  • must involve real-time sound + graphics + interaction somehow, and "with aesthetics!"
  • should be in implementation language (e.g., c++)
  • recommended number of people on team: 1 or 2 (if more than 2, please talk to me)
  • craft some preliminary design for the product (the vision, for end users)
  • architect the software (the engine/framework, for developers)
  • make some realistic milestones (2 to 3) leading up the final presentation (in class, finals week)
  • for Wednesday (11/6), present this in a 2-3 minute presentation


(part 1): send your webpage URL to imdone256 /at/ gmail.com

(part 2): in class presentation, with written component (on paper or electronic)