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Homework #4: Project Proposal + Minimal Networking

Due date:

  • part 1: 2009.11.2 3:15pm (class time - be ready to give 2 minute presentation), Monday
  • part 2: 2009.11.4 11:59:59pm (or thereabout), Wednesday

Computer networking.jpg

In this two-part assignment, you are to put together a proposal/presentation for final project. In the second part of the assignment, you are create a simple networked instrument using OSC.

Specification (part 1 of 2): Project Proposal

  • put together a proposal for your final project
  • recommended number of people on team: 1 or 2 (if 3 or more, please talk to me)
  • craft some preliminary design for the product (the vision, for end users)
  • architect the software (the engine/framework, for developers)
  • make some realistic milestones (2 to 3) leading up the final presentation (in class, finals week)
  • for Monday (11/2), present this in a 2-3 minute presentation

Specification (part 2 of 2): Networking

  • using OSC, and components from your previous 3 assignments (adding code as necessary), create the simplest networked instrument you can think of (that is still "expressive")
  • prepare a 30-second performance with it (recruit others as needed)
  • here is OSCpack, a c++ library shown in class, also in the calories visualization.

components and ideas

  • only hard project requirement: your networked instrument should make use of OSC (sending and receiving)
  • real-time audio / synthesis
  • interaction (who controls what, and on which machine(s))?
  • graphics from hw3?
  •  ???
  • perhaps a one-to-one musical instrument (two laptops, two people)?
  • perhaps a networked musical game (e.g., musical hot potato, some form of marco polo)?
  • perhaps ??!?!?!?


  • what is the interface? (e.g., keyboard? text? mouse?)
  • how "real-time" is this instrument (it doesn't have to be)?
  • what kind of music can the instrument make (as a group)?
  • how many people and machines are needed in a performance setting?
  • keep it simple! (aesthetically speaking, aim for a ultra-simple networked instrument that is still by some measure still "expressive")


  • have fun with it!!!
  • your code should compile and run on the CCRMA (or OSX) machines
  • comment your code!
  • choose your own coding conventions - but be consistent
  • you are welcome to work together, but you must do/turn in your own work


turn in all files by putting them in your Library/Web/256a/hw4/ directory, and concise online documentation + readme

  • 1) source code to the project (*.h, *.cpp, *.c makefile, etc.)
  • 2) online page for your project (should be viewable at http://ccrma.stanford.edu/~YOURID/256a/hw4/). It should include:
    • links to your files of various kinds
    • instructions on building the project (for example, anyone in the class should be able to download and build)
    • a short README text section that:
      • conveys your ideas/comments in constructing each program
      • describes any difficulties you encountered in the process
      • lists any collaborators
  • 3) email Ge with the link to your web page, as a confirmation that you are submitting the assignment