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Music 250b - Physical Interaction Design, Performance & Development

In recent years, technologies for synthesizing, processing and controlling sound, as well as those for embedded computing, sensing and inter-device communication have become independently mature. This course explores how we can physically interact with electronic sounds in real time using sensors, circuits, microcontrollers, communication and sound synthesis. We discuss critically what the merging of these technologies means for music and art. Along with new technologies, what new music practices or art forms may emerge?

We examine the factors that influence new music performance, refining initial forms and sounds through iterative development. Students can work on the project in groups or individually. In addition, this course explores frontiers in physical interaction design through student-led seminars on advanced topics, such as graphical displays, wireless data transmission, new instrument surveys, touch screens, acoustic transducers, and haptic interfaces.

While this course is an extension of Music 250a-Physical Interaction Design for Music, any students with an interest in the topic area of expressive physical intearction design and innovative uses of interactive technologies are welcome. Please contact the teaching staff if you would like to engage in some self-directed study to brush up on the technical aspects of the course.

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