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Course Information

Staff and Meeting

Instructor: Chris Chafe (cc [at] ccrma [dot] stanford [dot] edu)

TA: Michael Berger (mpberger [at] stanford [dot] edu) Office hours by appointment

Class meetings: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-11:50am [Listening Room || Classroom @ the Knoll]


This course is an opportunity for students who have completed Music 220a and Music 220b to pursue an independent research project in computer music. Students regularly present their research and project progress in weekly seminar-style class meetings. In addition, projects in progress are documented on the web thoroughly.

This is a 4-unit course. It can be taken for 2 or 3 units to accomodate grad students, but everyone is expected to work at the 4-unit level.


Students can choose between a research project, a musical/artistic project or a combination of both. Projects require a substantial amount of documentation in the form of a website. The deliverables are:

  • Weekly progress reports: in-class and website documentation, in a form of progress report logs (blogs)
  • Website with all the detailed descriptions, progress report logs, and all the data so that anyone can be able to reproduce the results
  • A final presentation and a demo or performance of the work (at the final concert preferably).


NOTE: This may be updated during the quarter.

  • Tuesday March 30, 10am: First class meeting
  • Tuesday April 6, 10am: Report on all projects
  • Thursday April 8, 10am: Projects website up, including title and description
  • Thursday May 27, 8pm: Spring CCRMA Concert (produced by class)
  • Friday May 28, 12-6pm: CCRMA Open House
  • Thursday, June 8, 3:30-6:30pm: Scheduled Final Exam Time Slot


The grading criteria will be based on creativity (is it a novel idea or creative solution to a problem?), execution (how well crafted is the project?), presentation (are your deliverables well presented/explained?), and own-goal achievements (did you achieve your own goals that you set out for the project?).

Some Suggestions

  • Make sure you document everything you do. It will enable you and others to reproduce it later.
  • Come to ALL Classes! Your classmates need your input!