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Final Project: "Computer-Mediated, Audio-visual, Composition / Live Performance


You are to craft, compose, and present / perform a "Computer-mediated, Audio-visual Work." The deliverables for the final project include:

  • milestone presentations
  • webpage documenting your system/performance
  • the live performance

Due date

  • milestone 0 (in-class, Tuesday, 3/1/2018): initial sketch, detailing vision, sound, music, interaction, aesthetics, music technology involved
  • milestone 1 (in-class, Tuesday, 3/6/2018): basic working system, the minimal essential thing, with the main aesthetic and artistic loop closed
  • milestone 2 (in-class, Tuesday, 3/13/2018): more complete working system, with sound, visual, and core performance
  • all material (final project website containing code, data files, README) due Tuesday 3/20/2018, 11:59:59pm
  • rehearsals: TBD
  • final presentations / performances : Wednesday 3/21/2018, 12:15pm, CCRMA Stage

Aspect 1: "Computer-Mediated"

  • must take advantage of the computer in a compelling/non-trivial way
  • for example: algorithms! sound synthesis! interactive control! generative systems!

Aspect 2: "Audio-Visual"

  • audio: use/combine techniques we covered in class (synthesis, generative, interaction) or something else; use ChucK
  • visual: interpret this as you'd like;
    • option 1: use Processing for real-time graphics/animation, coupled to audio/ChucK via OSC
    • option 2: otherwise involve visuals in a core/non-peripheral way: e.g., design gestures/movement mapped to sound

Aspect 3: Aesthetics of Presentation "Fixed Media or Live Performance"

  • design not only the system (sound, music, interaction, code), but ***design the presentation***, being extremely mindful to have and navigate aesthetics
  • aim for 3-7 minute per piece (though your fully designed presentation / live performance can be longer or shorter)
  • keep in mind setup/transition time


turn in all files by putting them in your Library/Web/220b/project/ directory, and then linking to them from your Library/Web/220b/final.html, uploading to coursework, and submitting your link to Ge and Tim

  • 1) source code + sound files for your performance
  • 2) written documentation (and any program notes / bios)
  • 3) your final.html should link to these files
  • 4) the final live performance