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Final Project Rehearsals!


Use this page to sign up for a rehearsal time for your 220B Final Project!

Let's start with ~15 min slots for everyone, but these can definitely expand depending on your needs, and we can add slots on into the night if necessary.

All rehearsals will be on the CCRMA Stage (on floor 3 of the Knoll).

Wednesday, March 16

Time Slot
starting at...
Your Name Any special considerations or notes...
5:00 PM Charlotte Camacho
5:15 PM Chryssie and teapot
5:30 PM
5:45 PM Luigi Sambuy 4 channel and HDMI
6:00 PM Alexander Ronneburg
6:15 PM Paul Batchelor Stereo/HDMI
6:30 PM Jack Cook Stereo/HDMI
6:45 PM Lewin Cary I'll use stereo and HDMI
7:00 PM Ziheng Chen Stereo and HDMI, and maybe ethernet cable
7:15 PM Sam Alexander Stereo and HDMI
7:30 PM Hanze Tu Stereo and HDMI
7:45 PM Mingyu Kang Stereo speaker (the larger the better) that can face the ceiling. Projector, Two mics
8:00 PM Tyler Sadlier Stereo and HDMI
8:15 PM Trijeet Mukhopadhyay 4 channel and HDMI
8:30 PM Nolan Lem 8 channel audio and HDMI
8:45 PM Krishan Kumar
9:00 PM Nathan Tindall 8 Channel, miniDisplay Port
9:15 PM I am Brandon Hdmi and stereo