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ChucK Lab #1: Hello ChucK and friends

This lab introduces running and programming in ChucK, several examples, and, perhaps most importantly, how to stop ChucK. We are going to use ChucK on the Linux operating system, via the JACK Audio Connection Kit. however, it's possibly (and fairly easy) to also run ChucK (and friends) on MacOS X or Windows. There are several ways to run ChucK (e.g., via command line, Audicle, miniAudicle). For this lab, we will primarily use the miniAudicle (homepage), a development environment for ChucK that includes the ChucK engine (i.e., it's all you need to starting ChucKin'). Here we go; happy ChucKing!

1. take the miniAudicle intro tour

2. copy some files to your local directory. in a terminal window, create a folder somewhere to hold the files, for example:

   cd ~
   mkdir ck-lab1

go into the folder you just created, then copy the lab1 files over:

   cd ck-lab1
   cp -r /usr/ccrma/web/html/courses/220a-fall-2007/ck/lab1/* .

4. in the miniAudicle, set current directory to your ck-lab1 in Edit/Preferences/Misc...

5. open these files in miniAudicle, play them, and play with them! (try changing parameters, and get a sense of what they do!)

6. TBA component postponed. (move on to hw2!)