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Project #2: Single Hemi Fun + Small SLOrk Sound Sketches


This assignment asks you to work with two different laptop orchestra media: 1) a single hemispherical speaker array, and 2) a group of unamplified laptops.

Due dates:

  • milestone A 2008.5.2 11:59:59pm (or thereabout), Friday.
  • milestone B 2008.5.9 11:59:59pm (or thereabout), Friday.

Specification (part 1 of 2): Single Hemi Fun

  • create an instrument for a single hemi using ChucK
  • should take advantage of the multi-channel aspect (or have a good reason to not do that)
  • consider issues of playability, expressiveness, sound, and also use in an ensemble setting
  • craft a very short piece for your instrument, describe/score it, turn in with assignment
  • each person should turn in their own instrument - however, working together is highly encouraged!

Specification (part 2 of 2 ): Small SLOrk Sound Sketches

  • (now shift gears, and think a bit differently)
  • craft a piece/performance for 5 laptop, unamplified except for onboard laptop speakers
  • use whatever tools are available (e.g., chuck, garage band, itunes, pd, whatever)
  • (optional) record/videotape a performance in the listening room!
  • each person should turn in their own SSSS - however working together is highly encouraged!


  • work on the two parts in whatever order you like
  • the due dates are in the form of two milestones. you should have working versions of both parts for the first milestone, and completed instrument/sketch for the second milestone.
  • Have fun with it!!!

Deliverables (milestone A)

turn in all files by: posting them on your website and sending the URL to Ge and Juan Cristobal OR, if you don't currently have a webpage, send the files via e-mail to Ge and Juan Cristobal

  • 1) at least a bit of progress on both parts (some combination of ideas, source code, any scores, audio files, etc.)
  • 2) a short README text (readme.txt) file that:
    • describes your progress so far
    • describes any difficulties you are encountering in the process
    • plans for next week

Deliverables (milestone B)

turn in all files by checking them on the evening of the due date

  • 1) files for both parts of the assignment (source code, any scores, audio files, etc.)
  • 2) a short README text (readme.txt) file that:
    • contains instructions on running your programs
    • describes any difficulties you encountered in the process