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Homework #2: The Road to Bing 2024

Great concert SLOrk! Looking ahead to our Bing concert on June 8th, here is a 2-part homework assignment, due Tuesday 6pm.

  • Part 1: SLOrkaeology
  • Part 2: A Working Idea to Try for the Bing concert

In both cases, part of the deliverable is a video posted to YouTube (and link submitted to Discord), due by Tuesday 6pm, so that everybody can watch everybody else’s videos by class Wednesday.


Part 1: SLOrkaeology ("SLOrk Archaeology")

Ar·chae·ol·o·gy • the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts.

Pick any piece SLOrk has ever performed. Present the main idea(s) of the piece, the technology involved, your critique of the aesthetics, the reason(s) you chose this piece for analysis, and any elements (sonic, theatrical, formal, technological...) that seem useful/interesting to you as tools to craft your own work.

Deliverable: SLOrkaeology Writing

Create a document/report/review of your findings.

  • “svn commit” the document in the SVN repo, alongside the files for the piece.
  • Create a new folder (if necessary) called “slorkaeology” inside the folder for the piece
  • Inside the “slorkaeology” folder, create another folder with the YEAR-YOURNAME (e.g., 2024-matt)
  • For example, if Matt is analyzing Perry Cook’s “Take it for Granite”, Matt would commit his written findings in SVN under the following directory: slork/users/prc/granite/slorkaeology/2024-matt/
  • Please cite your sources (including papers, youtube videos, webpages; primary sources: code, program notes, any artifacts by the original creator(s) of the piece)

Deliverable: SLOrkaeology Video

record a video: ~5-minute presentation of the above.

  • Feel free to “quote” videos and sounds you have found on the historical slork piece, and/or include your own experience in trying to run the piece.
  • Tell us something you like about the piece and something you learned.
  • Post video to YouTube or Vimeo; post link to Discord due by Tuesday 6pm

Important Starting Points to “Unearth” Historical Slork Pieces

  • A list of all SLOrk concerts since inception can be found on our “Events” page
  • A vault of writings on SLOrk, many of these chronicle specific works
  • The SLOrk SVN repo!
    • All SLOrk pieces are in the SVN so your easiest starting point is the ​scripts​ directory.
    • Examine all the files for this piece in the repo: scripts, programs, scores, sound files, instructions…
    • Try to make the script(s) work and try to figure out how to play the instrument(s)
  • Also try to dig up performance videos (youtube, video, our slork events page)

Part 2: A Working Idea to Try for the Bing Concert

  • Show, don’t tell.
  • Implement your idea in a limited fashion and record yourself performing.
  • Very OK to start from an existing SLOrk instrument such as yours or another from Wednesday’s concert.
  • OK to use GameTraks or not, or whatever controllers / interactions, but KISS (“Keep It Simple”)
  • We suggest you focus on the sound design and keep the interaction simple, or at least simple to explain and/or playable without explanation.

Deliverable: Working Idea Video

  • Record a video maximum 3 minutes including your solo performance
  • You may also explain how the instrument works, but better to show than to tell.
  • Post video to YouTube or Vimeo; post link to Discord due by Tuesday 6pm

Deliverable: On Wednesday During Rehearsal...

...we will try each of these ideas on 8 to 12 stations.

  • all code must be committed to SVN (in your personal folder) and tested before coming to rehearsal
  • as always, create and test a script to quickly run your test!
  • It’s up to you whether all stations are running the same ChucK program exactly or if there’s an argument for station number or whatever
  • It’s up to you whether the instruments will coordinate over OSC; if so KISS
  • You will have 15 seconds to explain to the other performers what to do; assume everybody watched your video
  • You will have 15 seconds for everybody to run the script for your idea (or sit out)
  • Max 2 minutes to sonically try your ideas
  • 3 minutes for group discussion (total 5 minutes per SLOrker)