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2014 Stanford Laptop Orchestra Schedule

(all dates are mandatory, unless otherwise indicated!)

SEMINAR + REHEARSAL, Wednesdays 7pm-10pm, CCRMA Stage

4/26 (OPTIONAL), Saturday

  • 5-9pm Performance in Memorial Church for Admits Weekend

5/1/2014, Thursday

  • throughout day, will block time for each group to rehearse their piece
  • 5pm-8pm, all hands tech + dress rehearsal (dinner included)
  • 8pm-10pm, SLOrktastic Chamber Music, CONCERT, CCRMA Stage

5/30/2014, Friday

  • 2pm meet at CCRMA, transport and load-in to Bing Concert Hall
  • 4pm-late night, all hands full rehearsal

5/31/2014, Saturday

  • noon-7pm all hands full rehearsal
  • 7-8pm dinner provided!
  • 8pm SLOrk Spring Concert in Bing Concert Hall
  • 10pm-11pm strike and transport back to CCRMA