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Assignment #1: Single Hemi Instrument + Sound Sketch


This assignment asks you to work with the quintessential laptop orchestra building block: laptop + a single hemispherical speaker array, and create a short sound sketch for it!

Due dates:

  • milestone 2012.4.11, Wednesday (show us progress on your instrument!)
  • due 2012.4.18, Wednesday (demo the instrument + a short sound sketch/musical statement with it)


  • create an instrument for a single hemi using ChucK
  • should take advantage of the multi-channel aspect
  • consider issues of playability, expressiveness, sound, and also use in an ensemble setting
  • craft a very short piece for your instrument, describe/score it, be prepared to demo it
  • each person should turn in their own instrument - however, working together is highly encouraged!

Deliverables for Milestone

  • 1) at least a bit of progress on both parts (some combination of ideas, source code, any scores, audio files, etc.)
  • 2) be prepared to talk about
    • your progress so far
    • any difficulties you are encountering in the process
    • plans for next week
    • any outstanding code/design/sound issues?

Overall Deliverables

turn in all files by demo'ing

  • 1) show us how your instrument sounds, works, etc.
  • 2) perform/demo your sound sketch/short musical statement (~1-2 minutes in length)

  • Have fun with it!!!