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stk::StkFrames Member List

This is the complete list of members for stk::StkFrames, including all inherited members.

channels(void) const stk::StkFramesinline
dataRate(void) const stk::StkFramesinline
empty() const stk::StkFramesinline
frames(void) const stk::StkFramesinline
getChannel(unsigned int channel, StkFrames &destinationFrames, unsigned int destinationChannel) const stk::StkFrames
interpolate(StkFloat frame, unsigned int channel=0) const stk::StkFrames
operator()(size_t frame, unsigned int channel)stk::StkFramesinline
operator()(size_t frame, unsigned int channel) const stk::StkFramesinline
operator*=(StkFrames &f)stk::StkFramesinline
operator+(const StkFrames &frames) const stk::StkFramesinline
operator+=(StkFrames &f)stk::StkFramesinline
operator[](size_t n)stk::StkFramesinline
operator[](size_t n) const stk::StkFramesinline
resize(size_t nFrames, unsigned int nChannels=1)stk::StkFrames
resize(size_t nFrames, unsigned int nChannels, StkFloat value)stk::StkFrames
setChannel(unsigned int channel, const StkFrames &sourceFrames, unsigned int sourceChannel)stk::StkFrames
setDataRate(StkFloat rate)stk::StkFramesinline
size() const stk::StkFramesinline
StkFrames(unsigned int nFrames=0, unsigned int nChannels=0)stk::StkFrames
StkFrames(const StkFloat &value, unsigned int nFrames, unsigned int nChannels)stk::StkFrames

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