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RtMidiIn Member List

This is the complete list of members for RtMidiIn, including all inherited members.
Api enum nameRtMidi
cancelCallback()RtMidiIn [inline]
closePort(void)RtMidiIn [inline, virtual]
error(RtError::Type type, std::string errorString)RtMidi [static]
getCompiledApi(std::vector< RtMidi::Api > &apis)RtMidi [static]
getCurrentApi(void)RtMidiIn [inline]
getMessage(std::vector< unsigned char > *message)RtMidiIn [inline]
getPortCount()RtMidiIn [inline, virtual]
getPortName(unsigned int portNumber=0)RtMidiIn [inline, virtual]
ignoreTypes(bool midiSysex=true, bool midiTime=true, bool midiSense=true)RtMidiIn [inline]
LINUX_ALSA enum valueRtMidi
MACOSX_CORE enum valueRtMidi
openPort(unsigned int portNumber=0, const std::string portName=std::string("RtMidi Input"))RtMidiIn [inline, virtual]
openVirtualPort(const std::string portName=std::string("RtMidi Input"))RtMidiIn [inline, virtual]
RTMIDI_DUMMY enum valueRtMidi
RtMidiCallback typedefRtMidiIn
RtMidiIn(RtMidi::Api api=UNSPECIFIED, const std::string clientName=std::string("RtMidi Input Client"), unsigned int queueSizeLimit=100)RtMidiIn
setCallback(RtMidiCallback callback, void *userData=0)RtMidiIn [inline]
UNIX_JACK enum valueRtMidi
UNSPECIFIED enum valueRtMidi
WINDOWS_KS enum valueRtMidi
WINDOWS_MM enum valueRtMidi

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