Common Lisp Music (CLM) Tutorials

by Nicky Hind

These tutorials are designed to explain in detail some of the more common synthesis methods, with reference to the software package, Common Lisp Music (CLM) written by Bill Schottstaedt. They were originally written as course materials for classes at CCRMA, Stanford University, and had specific reference to the NeXT platform.

In the current version some of the code examples have been updated to take account of recent changes to CLM syntax, as well as removing specific references to the NeXT platform - thus making them more 'generic'.

It is assumed throughout that the reader has access to a working LISP image with CLM (and optionally Common Music (CM)) already installed. The source code for both of these packages is available free of charge by anonymous ftp from CCRMA

The tutorials are not intended as a complete and comprehensive text on CLM, but, when used in conjunction with existing documentation, should serve as a practical and - hopefully - easy to understand guide.

Table of Contents

The Basics

Additive Synthesis (1/2)

Additive Synthesis (2/2)

Frequency Modulation Synthesis (1/2)

Frequency Modulation Synthesis (2/2)

Sound Processing (1/2)

Sound Processing (2/2)