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CCRMA VR Lab Demo Day Spring 2019

Tuesday, June 11, 2019
CCRMA VR Lab (1st Floor)

Join us for the Spring 2019 CCRMA VR Lab "Demo Day" / Open House

The program will begin at 4:00pm, 5:30pm, and 7:00pm — signup below (name + contact info)!
(if you have any issues signing into the wiki, or if the time slot is full, please email Ge)


  • Padma (padmamaitland@stanford)
  • Nette (networth@ccrma)
  • Cole Sohn (csohn@stanford)
  • Rob (rob@ccrma)
  • Miltos (bobthebarber@battle.net)
  • Stephen Glauz-Todrank (Sglauztodrank@gmail)
  • Adrian Vega (adrian.vega@stanford)
  • Nahmi Shin (guest)
  • Ryan (smithrt@stanford.edu)



  • Mark Rau (mrau@ccrma.stanford.edu)
  • Patricia (Robinson@ccrma.stanford.edu)
  • Gina (gina@ccrma.stanford.edu)
  • Julius (jos@ccrma.stanford.edu)
  • Mariko Yang (marikoyang@skylabo.org)
  • Mariko Yang (guest)
  • Pablo Paredes (pparedes@stanford.edu)
  • Xingxing Yang (xingxing@ccrma.stanford.edu)
  • Barbara Nerness (bnerness@ccrma.stanford.edu)
  • Neel Yerneni (nyerneni@stanford)
  • Elizabeth Murnane (emurnane@stanford)