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Studios D and E: Quick Start Guide

Note: Please refer to Studio D/E block diagram for visual representation of studio signal flow.

Macintosh: Getting Started

All audio signals from the Macintosh are initially routed through the Digidesign 002 digital mixer. Thus you will need to use the 002 if you are working with Pro Tools, Logic, Final Cut, Peak, Ableton Live, etc. The faders on the 002 only work with Pro Tools; for all other programs the 002 displays a 'Working...' message and simply passes audio to the Yamaha mixer (discussed below).

Troubleshooting the Mac and 002 mixer

The Mac Pro should be connected to the Digidesign 002 digital mixer via a single firewire cable. Make sure this cable is connected to both the Mac and the 002, or you will receive error messages stating that 'digidesign hardware is not connected'.

Audio Midi Setup: The Audio Midi Setup (found under 'utilities' on the Mac) allows you to specify the 002 (or any other audio interface connected to the Mac) as the default input/output audio source for the Mac. You may need to remind the Mac to choose the 002, depending on which program you are using, or if you are switching between different audio programs (Itunes to ProTools for example). In this case you would need to quit Itunes before opening ProTools, and you may need to reset the Audio Midi Setup accordingly.

Here's an example of an Audio Midi Setup with the 002 specified as input/output.