The Arthur H. Benade Archive


This list is divided into four parts: 1958-69, the 70s, the 80s, and the 90s (this section).

Listed here are the available published and unpublished writings of A. H. Benade. They range from casual, hand-drawn slides to journal articles and books. Letters are not included, except a few that were widely circulated by Benade. (See Benade/correspondence for the complete Benade letter files.)

Writings of the 1990s





A note about the listings for 1982-1996: After cancer was diagnosed in the fall of 1982, Benade made increased use of detailed, at times flamboyant slides for many of his lectures. Though casual in appearance, most are more like mini papers (or, in the case of course notes, mini books) that can stand on their own, substituting for a more formal write-up. For his final ten months Benade was bedridden, but he used his dwindling supply of energy carefully, supervising the work of two graduate students, working out a CAD/CAM program for Carleen Hutchins, and dictating three journal articles and several shorter pieces to his wife. The journal articles appeared in 1988 in J. Acoust. Soc. Am. and most of the other dictated material has been published.

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