Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
DataProtocolBase class that defines the transmission protocol
DefaultHeaderDefault Header
DefaultHeaderStructDefault Header Struct
EmptyHeaderEmpty Header to use with systems that don't include a header
HeaderStructAbstract Header Struct, Header Stucts should subclass it
JackAudioInterfaceClass that provides an interface with the Jack Audio Server
JackTripMain class to creates a SERVER (to listen) or a CLIENT (to connect to a listening server) to send audio streams in the network
JackTripThreadTest class that runs JackTrip inside a thread
JackTripWorkerPrototype of the worker class that will be cloned through sending threads to the Thread Pool
JamLinkHeaderJamLink Header
JamLinkHeaderStuctJamLink Header Struct
LoopBackConnect Inputs to Outputs
NetKSA simple (basic) network Karplus Strong
PacketHeaderBase class for header type. Subclass this struct to create a new header
ProcessPluginInterface for the process plugins to add to the JACK callback process in JackAudioInterface
RingBufferProvides a ring-buffer (or circular-buffer) that can be written to and read from asynchronously (blocking) or synchronously (non-blocking)
RingBufferWavetableSame as RingBuffer, except that it uses the Wavetable mode for lost or late packets
SettingsClass to set usage options and parse settings from input
UdpDataProtocolUDP implementation of DataProtocol class
UdpMasterListenerMaster UDP listener on the Server