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Room Scheduling, Room Booking, Reservations, Schedule

CCRMA uses a web-based scheduling system:

You log in using your CCRMA user account

Having a reservation is a social convention giving you priority use of the space; it does not imply that you have access to the space. Many CCRMA spaces require training with faculty/staff to earn keycard access. Please be reasonable and respectful with the amount of time you reserve and when.

In respecting the creative privacy of others, check the room booking schedule before entering of the spaces. If you will not be using the space during your reserved time, please remove your reservation from the system. Please keep the rooms clear of trash, even if you find some in there when you arrive. And, please never place food or liquids anywhere near the gear. Leave the spaces better than you found them.

How to Schedule

  1. Login to with your CCRMA username and password.

  2. Notice in the upper left a drop-down menu labeled “Areas” that defaults to “CCRMA Rooms” but can also instead go to a separate page “Recording Studio” (with its own booking policies.

  3. Notice that time is on a 24 hour clock and in increments of 15 minutes. People often accidentally make pre-dawn reservations wrongly thinking of the afternoon. Each day’s page goes from midnight to midnight, so you will generally scroll down to the daylight hours.

  4. To make a reservation simply click on the table cell whose column is the room you wish to reserve and row is start time of your reservation.

  5. You’ll then see a screen to fill out your room booking details. Fill in at least the “Brief Description” and the “Duration” of your reservation.

    A. The full description can give more info about what you’re doing, especially if it lets other people know that the reservation is tentative or for special situations where other people might be able to use the space simultaneously.

    B. You can reserve multiple rooms simultaneously.

    C. Leave the “Type” field at the default “Internal.”

    D. You can also schedule recurring reservations!

  6. Press ‘Save.’ You’ll be brought back to the room booking schedule grid and should see your reservation in the time slot.

  7. To prevent “hogging” there’s a maximum number of hours per room per week per user. (CCRMA staff have administrative powers including unlimited bookings and modifying/deleting other people’s reservations.)

  8. Later you can click on your reservation from the room booking schedule grid to modify or delete/cancel your “Entry”.

(We have some old but still useful documentation)

How to Schedule Too Much Time

Suppose you are organizing an approved CCRMA event that needs to reserve large chunks of time. Sure, you could just email CCRMA staff asking an admin to just do it for you, but then the reservation would be in one of their names, uneditable by you, assuming that you communicated clearly enough and the staff person took the time to follow your orders.

Here’s a better way:

  1. Make your own reservations in the correct rooms at the correct starting times, but only 15 minutes duration.

  2. Put the true (desired) ending time in the full description.

  3. Now your email to CCRMA staff can be much less detailed: on such-and-such days, please extend the 15-minute reservations as noted. (Or if there’s some simple rule like “each one should be 8 hours” or “all end at 3pm” you can put that in the email.)

  4. After CCRMA staff take care of this, the reservation will still be in your name (so other users can see that it’s your event) and you’ll still be able to edit (or at least delete) it yourself.

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