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JackTrip Server Reservations

Jacktrip is a system for network music performance over the internet. Musicians can connect from their computers or from the special-purpose JackStreamer mini-computers.

Generally all musicians connect to the same jacktrip hub server to be able to hear each other, analogous to meeting physically in the same room. CCRMA maintains a small set of computers set up as jacktrip servers for the use of the Stanford Department of Music. This document describes our new (October 2020) system for reserving time on such servers.


We don’t have the resources to build a foolproof computer system to securely let only authorized users make and edit only their own reservations only on their allowed servers, nor do we have staffing resources to manage the kind of system where an administrator personally keeps everything straight.

Instead we have a self-service system where you make and edit your own reservations on a shared Google Sheet. Everybody at Stanford technically has permission to change anything on this Sheet, but we trust everybody to respect everybody else’s reservations and only make/edit their own.

Be nice!

Time Slots

The time slots for reserving Stanford’s Jacktrip servers are in the Pacific Time Zone and based on Stanford’s campus-wide class meeting patterns, which you can view as a grid or table. In brief, MWF classes have 90-minute slots and TT have 120-minute slots, from 8:30am to 10pm.

Because jacktrip users might want to make music at any time in any time zone, we extended this pattern to cover the full week 24/7:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
1am-2:30am, 2:30am-4am, …, 8:30pm-10pm, 10pm-11:30pm, last slot starts at 11:30pm.
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
12:30am-2:30am, 2:30am-4:30am, …, 8:30pm-10:30pm, last slot starts at 10:30pm.

One Sheet per Week

Each Google “Spreadsheet” consists of a number of “sheets” visible as tabs in the lower left of the window:

Tabs indicating different “sheets” for different weeks in our Google spreadsheet

From left to right the tabs should represent:

  1. the current week
  2. next week
  3. ongoing weekly reservations for the current quarter
  4. tentative weekly reservations for after the current quarter
  5. as much history of past reservations as we wish to keep (in hidden sheets)

The Stanford Department of Music JackStreamer team is supposed to update the sheet each Monday so that the system stays current (by making a copy of “ongoing” to become the new “next week”, and reordering).

Each Sheet

Each sheet/tab represents one entire week: MTWTFSS. Make sure you have selected the correct sheet for the week you want.

The rows are all the times of all the days, 103 time slots per week, in chronological order from 1am Monday until 22:30pm Sunday, using 24-hour clock notation. The columns are the reservable servers, named after rooms such as a garage, a green room, CCRMA’s Listening Room, a shed, the CCRMA Stage, etc. (These names have nothing to do with the acoustics or other behavior of the servers; they’re just names for different computers. If your JackStreamer doesn’t see these servers then update.) Each cell is a potential reservation.

Everybody can see the full schedule of everybody’s reservations. If a cell is empty you can write in your name to claim a reservation for that server at that time. Claim consecutive cells for longer reservations. If you claim too many cells we can all see you’re being a hog. Cancel a reservation by deleting your name from the cell.

Currently all servers are closed during the 4 am time slot, so we can reboot them and perform other maintenance. (In practice this takes just a few minutes, but the entire time slot is marked “closed for reboot”.) This includes all these reservable machines and also the jackloop and jackroom servers.

Don’t edit or delete other people’s reservations!


So far this documentation answers all questions on this topic. Ask Matt.


You must log into Google with your email address to access this spreadsheet!

We would be crazy to put this URL here in this publicly viewable web page. It could be in your email.

If you’re looking at a URL that contains #gid, that is the URL of a specific (now likely past) week.

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