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Gear Closet

CCRMA’s Gear Closet (213) contains equipment that CCRMA users can borrow for short-term projects, including:

Each item should be packaged in an appropriate carrying case along with whatever connector cables, adapters, power supply, etc., might be needed along with the item.

Special items:

Camcorder Analog synth K8 loudspeakers with tripods Sound field recorder

How to borrow

There’s a book outside the door containing one page per lendable item. For each item you want to borrow, fill out the information on the corresponding page, including your name and when you plan to return the item.

When you return each item, go to the corresponding page and mark the date that you actually returned it.

If you don’t have a key that can open the closet, get help from CCRMA staff or perhaps a grad student.

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