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Adapter Closet

CCRMA’s Adapter Closet (room 223, confusingly located between 210 and 206) is a closet containing drawers of various adapters, including:

Items are stored by category, in drawers (for common items) or boxes stacked on the upper shelves (for more obscure/obsolete). Drawer dividers label each individual item type.

Connectors are named according to gender (e.g., “DisplayPort male to HDMI female”) but other terminology exists.

How to borrow

CCRMA adapters are for CCRMA researchers’ (and their guests’) CCRMA work.

Access to the adapter closet is self-serve and honor system. It’s expected that most loans will be a few hours and returned the same day.

If you need something longer term or permanently, talk to Matt.

If you notice we’re out of or running low on something (especially if you take the last of something), tell Matt.

If you would like additional adapters stocked, ask Matt.

If your keycard doesn’t open the closet, get help from CCRMA staff or perhaps a grad student.

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