Required textbook:

Moore, Brian. An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing, 6th Ed. Emerald Group Publishing, 2012.

Previous editions are also fine. You can find previous editions of this book through HathiTrust's Emergency Temporary Access Service due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Log in with your Stanford University credentials to access their holdings.

Schnell, Jesse. The Art of Game Design. CRC Press, 2008. Available Online
We won’t be teaching out of this textbook directly but it is a great resource that covers everything you didn’t realize you didn’t know about game design.
A good pace is to read ~2-3 chapters a week.

See the schedule for reading assignments.

Additional Reading

These papers are great reading if you’re interested in a specific topic. We will be adding more current papers to this list throughout the quarter. Many of these papers will be available in their entirety on Canvas. Feel free to select a paper from this list for your in-class paper presentation.

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