office ours outside of class times. lectures are open to up to 10 visitors from the campus community. lab sessions are closed to visitors.

I Sound Design & Sound Generators:
- What kind of attributes are we looking for, what synthesis methods do we plan to use, how can this be done most efficiently in Max...
- What is the role of random and variation here. How can this be incorporated in our synthesis models
- Parameterization
II Structure Generators: Event chains, sequencing, algorithmic and stochastic methods to create events, feedback and observers - Parameterization
III Space and Motion: Spatial placement, movement of sources, size of sources, distance, Doppler shift... - Parameterization
IV Large Scale Structure and Integration: Building the larger framework, defining meaningful global states and behaviors - Parameterization
V Real Time Control: finding ways to interact with the machine during the performance situation

date location session module about
4.1 stage 1 lecture 01 introduction, what is the scope of M223, what do we plan to achieve.
4.3 classroom 2 lab 01 student presentations and discussion *
4.6 sf modulations monolake: ghosts with Tarik Barri
4.7 sf modulations monolake: ghosts with Tarik Barri
4.8 classroom 3 lecture 02 I
4.10 bing studio 4 lab 02 I
4.15 classroom 5 lecture 03 II
4.15 classroom Max/MSP 7-9p: Tutorial by Jeff Lubow
4.17 stage 6 lab 03 II
4.22 classroom 7 lecture 04 III
4.24 stage 8 lab 04 III
4.29 classroom 9 lecture 05 IV
5.1 stage 10 lab 05 IV
5.6 classroom 11 lecture 06 V
5.8 stage 11 lab 06 V
5.13 classroom 12 lab 06 control controlling synthesis and structure
5.15 stage 13 lecture 07 collaboration defining a simple concept for a collaborative concert situation
5.20 bing studio 14 lab 07 collaboration defining a simple concept for a collaborative concert situation
5.22 bing studio 15 lab 08 concert preparation
5.23 bing studio henke: dust 8pm
5.24 bing studio henke: dust 9pm
5.25 bing studio workshop 10am-5pm
5.27 holiday
5.28 bing studio spring concert final project presentations
5.29 stage 17 lecture 08 post concert discussion
6.3 stage tba
6.5 stage tba

* students prepare their vision of what could be achieved for the concert and how collaboration could work