Topics in Interactive Computer-Music Performance

Music 14q Sophomore Seminar

Chris Chafe, 3 units, TF 3:15 -4:30, Ballroom, Knoll Building
Participant's Coordinates

January '98 Listening and Simulating
6 intro startup quiz, web use, computer accounts, manuals & tutorial lab1a: loop
9 audio waves in time-domain & freq-domain, digitizing, rhythm basics lab1b: sequencer
13 system editing templates, testing & debugging lab1: results
16 analysis of some pattern music, program examples: loop2.cpp, shadow.cpp  lab2: mirror
20 system MIDI commands in C++, Come Out / Reich lab2: results
23 process algorithms, mapping to musical dimensions, Towers of Hanoi / Schloss lab3: algorithm
27 listening the Lightning, analysis of trumpet solo in Maiden Voyage lab3: results
30 grids time & pitch scales: historical plus examples from Bali, India, Ghana lab4: quantizer
February '98 Acoustics / System Design
3 El Nino day
6 Paul Lansky lecture (everyone's welcome) -- attend previous eve. concert (Th. 5th, 8pm, Campbell) lab4: results
10 psychoacoustics lines & voices, gestalt grouping principles
13 radio baton example of lab4 (monophonic) with program change streaming and accent patterns 

baton programming examples, lab tour (this time for sure) 

lab5: random
17 synthesis methods classic and new techniques, their computation in hardware and software 

ALEA II concert Wednesday night, 18th, 8pm Campbell

20 software synths real-time signal processing for PC-based music at Seer Systems, Staccatto 

(field trip / dinner -- meet at CCRMA with cars at 3:30, dinner in PA at 7:30)

lab5: results
24 graphical languages Native Instruments, close-up on Mac-based languages, Max, MSP
27 HCI biomuse, gesture recognition, haptic devices
March '98 Student Projects
3 musical style style components, artificial style imitators, name-that-style (from one note), predicting style (fixes delay?)
6 hit parade of class favorites (everyone brings some music)
10 listening Chris' compositions: Duo Improvisation, Vanishing Point, group playing in Miles
13 rehearsal of Chris' Whirlwind (in Dinkelspiel)
20 End of Quarter project demonstrations